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First cohort of Innovation Fellows also announced WILMINGTON, FEB. 4, 2019 - The First State Fintech Lab ("the Lab") announced the appointment of an Advisory Board comprised of state and national leaders to further support Delaware as a national and global financial technology leader. The Lab also announced the appointment of it's first cohort of Innovation Fellows.

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Fintech innovators have products that belong in the Financial Services sector. They bring solutions and efficiencies to long standing problems and have the potential, not only to prosper, but to improve the business sector as a whole. 


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But most companies lack the experience, time or resources to know where to start making inroads. Potential clients, collaborators, regulators and policy makers are often unacquainted with the promise of fintech. The barriers to entry are numerous.



That's where we come in.


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We advocate for companies, and the sector at large,using a vast political and private sector network to provide needed information, make key connections, develop strategic partnerships - to open doors.


 No wasting time banging on the wrong door


We exist for

Fintech entrepreneurs who are ready to scale up but lack the expertise or network; and for institutions and entities interested to learn more or to integrate fintech solutions and processes into their systems.  Our job is to keep you informed, connect you to clients and collaborators and to represent your interest. We amplify your presence as a feet-on-the-ground ally who knows the landscape. Our network is brimming with strategic partners, policy makers and business development opportunities. We love the big picture potential of fintech, so we are constantly managing barriers like access to relevant information, regulatory uncertainty and false assumptions surrounding the industry.


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Schedule a 20 minute conversation about who you need to be meeting.


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“Lynn is a visionary with the ability to inspire towards a mission”

A veteran of the political frontier and active in Small & Medium Size Enterprise (SME) enablement, Lynn Bromley is passionate about solving small business needs by promoting her favorite solution,  innovation in Financial Technology-Fintech.

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Nuts & Bolts

What we do

Consulting is our core service. However this expands far beyond traditional definitions and is, most importantly, shaped by the needs of each unique client. With a proper conversation, we can customize the support you need to make the most rapid and effective long-term entry into the financial technology business sector.


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What happens now?

No more wasting time trying to figure out where to start. No more chasing dead ends. No more stagnation as your investors and peers watch you struggle.
You are in the door, moving toward clients and key support relationships that will help you establish yourself quickly in this new and incredible business sector.

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If you are ready to break into fintech, it's time to jump on a phonecall or video chat. We will spend 20 minutes getting to know your company and what acute problems you need solved. From here we can work on developing a strategic plan that gets you connected to just the right people, quickly.